Fighting the Darkness That’s Always There

‘Perhaps the most important, most constructive thing we can do is continue to speak openly and honestly about the battles we are fighting’


‘Almost Every Single Woman I Know Has Been the Victim of Sexual Assault’

The people who need to hear this — men in powerful positions, men who stand silent when they overhear sexist comments, men who do not report abuse they know is happening, women who brush off these warnings — aren’t listening. You cannot return all of this knowledge to where it was before, stuck in the whispers and the warnings of women.



Have the Grammys Finally Fixed Their Voting Problem?

The fascinating, messy problem the Grammys have with voting blocks might be completely unsolvable. 

Without Her Underdog Status, Who Is Taylor Swift Really?

For her entire career, Taylor Swift has viewed herself the way she did when she was fifteen years old: uncomfortable, awkward, and unpopular — an underdog in an industry of beauty queens. Of course, Taylor Swift isn’t an underdog, but it’s unclear if she knows that. 


How Tom Petty Taught Me to Fly

I don’t like Tom Petty. I need him. It’s hard for me to write about how important Tom Petty’s music has been to my life because it feels like writing an appreciation of air. RIP Dude

On Her New Single, Taylor Swift has Forgotten How To Get Angry

That aloof uncertainty keeps the song from hitting any of the emotional notes that make a Taylor Swift song great.

Kesha Comes Alive

Can we all just agree to take her seriously now?


Lana Del Rey’s Problematic Political Awakening

In the cultural climate of 2017, we pay special attention to anything addressing the political realm, but what has made Del Rey so relatable has been the emotional core of her songs. 

On “Melodrama,” Lorde Reminds Us That We Never Truly Grow Up

"Put the album on repeat and your body will internalize it like a circadian rhythm.

How The Music Industry Is Uniting Against Trump

How Artists are reaching outside Benefit Shows to try and create social good